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Life-Changing Dogs For Veterans

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VetPets of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises money to save and change lives.

  • It takes roughly 18 months to train a service dog so we cover our teams with wellness activities.

  • 50% to 70% of dogs in training through a service dog training organization do not make it. We call these dogs Warrior Wellness Dogs that will still offer live-changing health benefits.     

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We Need a Donated Facility

Dynamic and Impactful Fundraising

Our aim is to help as many people as possible. Here's how you can help us.


Attend awareness and fundraising events. Money we raise goes toward activities that help reduce the isolation of PTSD, increase social involvement, and gives a new purpose to community members.

3 Major Events:

  • March Gala for Heroes

  • July Outdoor Bash and High Flying Drone 500 Golf Ball Drop.

  • October Veteran Fundraising Cash Bash

Follow our next events on

Doggie Handshake

 Warrior Wellness Groups.

Dog Training and Wellness Education

New to our fundraising efforts is our Community Dog Training and Education program that donates a portion from dog training to help our veteran and first responder teams get through service and therapy dog training with our Certification Partner. 

How it works: 

  1. Sign up for a 6 week AKC Puppy Class at $250 and $50 from each training team will go toward our mission. 

  2. Sign up for our veteran and first responder 5 week dog obedience class at $150 and proceeds will go toward our mission.

  3. Complete 60 hours of paid training to be eligible for our emotional support, service dog, or therapy dog Grants. 


Help Us Fundraise In Memory of loved one. 

Volunteering and Community Support

We socialize our service dog recruits at community events and organizations to help bring smiles to nurses, disabled veterans, and small business owners. 

We have seen the best results when a puppy gets socialized to as many environments and people as possible. 

We are currently seeking a therapy pup volunteers to take our puppies to medical centers once per month.  

Community Members Needed:

Grant Writer (2)

Community Board Members (2)

Volunteer Dog Trainers (Sundays) (2)

3 Pillars of Success

A few Benefits of our program.

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The benefits of having a psychiatric service dog.

  1. Assisting With Everyday Tasks: Individuals with disabilities that cause fatigue, pain, trouble walking, or limited mobility can highly benefit from having a service dog. Service dogs can help people regain balance, prevent them from falling, fetch medications, and carry items such as groceries if the owner is too weak to move or hold them. 

  2. Providing Companionship: Not only do service dogs provide physical support, but they are also great for providing emotional support. Service dogs act as loyal companions which can help ease feelings of loneliness and provide a sense of security and consistent care. As they say, dogs are man's best friend! Studies have also shown that service dogs provide health benefits and can increase fitness, lower stress, and improve happiness

  3. Allowing Increased Independence: Service dogs allow people living with chronic illness and/or disability to experience a greater sense of freedom and independence. Having a service dog means you have to rely less on other humans to help with everyday tasks, which can allow you to feel restricted or dependent on others. Instead, you can transfer your needs to your service dog, who is constantly ready and available to assist you.


After I had my stroke, I felt alone. I felt isolated. VetPets Services taught me that I am not alone and that I belong to a caring family of support. 

Team Rudzik

"VetPets not only raises money for a great cause but they provide a nonjudgmental environment. We do more than just train, we recover."

Team Rubgy

"No Veteran has ever committed suicide with a dog. Zero! And that's why I will support this program. They walk the walk."

Team Glory

"VetPets is different because it combines wellness activities with dog training and emotional support. My favorite part about VetPets is the small Wellness groups."

Team Stella

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