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Pa VetPets is dedicated to facilitating communication among Western Pennsylvania Veterans, First Responders and Animal Adoption Agencies to aid in saving as many veterans and dogs as possible. We serve as a link between different organizations, veterans, and animals in need of being rescued. 

Our work is meaningful and we experience exceptional people doing from various backgrounds that help drive of passion for growth and commitment.

Our Mission: Help Veterans with PTSD through PTSD awareness events and fundraising. We aim to save as many rescued dogs as possible through partnerships, donations, and online fundraising events and assist in covering the cost of the adoption after a successful meet-and-greet.


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PTSD Awareness and fundraising 

PTSD in Military Veterans affects not only the veteran, but the veterans family and his or her community. For too many of our returning service men and women there are often unseen battles still going on within the minds of those that suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

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National Suicide Prevention Line


Start feeling better today by understanding how to readjust to life outside of the military. If you are always on alert, lacking sleep, always at the point of panicking or snapping out, or you might often feel numb and cut off emotionally from the things that used to drive meaningful connections in your life, and if you feel broken and unrepairable.

If so, seek help. 

There are many services available that can aid you on your way to coping better. Here are some great sources;

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a vast system of ways to aid veterans with PTSD. 

  • VA Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 Press 1

  • National Center For PTSD 877-WAR-VETS

The National Center For PTSD aims to help veterans through research, education and social welfare. They have persons standing by with fact sheets and videos to answer your questions on PTSD and related issues. 

  • PTSD Foundation of America  Veteran Line: 877-717-PTSD  Office:832-912-4429. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to mentoring Veterans with PTSD. They aim to work with Veterans and their families. 

  • Home Base Program-Clinical Intensive Care Program 617-724-5202

Home Base has the country's first two week Intensive Clinical Program to treat Veterans and families who are struggling with PTSD and or other issues that are quite often invisible. They offer a holistic and innovative approach to treatment. They began opening up treatment to Vietnam War Veterans in July 2017.

  • Lone Survivor Foundation 832-581-3592

Lone Survivor aims to provide exceptional therapeutic, outdoor, and unique opportunities for recovery. 

  • USA Cares: Combat Injured Program 800-773-0387

USA Cares provides financial support for Veterans undergoing extended treatment for PTSD. 


Never Hesitate To Seek Help


Pa VetPets partners with local organizations to help cover the cost of animal adoption fees and training associated with transition from being rescued to being connected with one of our Veterans in need of a companion. We will offer broader ways to register for other forms of information and support for veterans as funding becomes more readily available. Our mission is to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD through animal adoptions, community action, and volunteerism. 



Contact us for more information on volunteering, making larger donations, and or being one of our listed sponsors for upcoming events. We usually return your inquiry in 24hours. 

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We are partnering with local animal rescues to help veterans in need.

Register with us for updates on ways we can help ease the transitional bound between you and your fur-ever friend. 

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