mAKe a Difference 

Thank you for your considerable donation. You contribution will help effect positive match between a veteran and dog that is looking for a forever home.

We hope to add more services in the coming years but are aim for now is to help save as many dogs that are looking for quality homes with our connection to veterans in need. Donations made through the link below help provide a start up kit for our vet-pet match to get them started on the right path to creating a successful lifelong bond. 

Dollar Bill in Jar

Dog Adoptions for our veterans currently average around $300.

In-person dog training for our veterans $300 Boarding $1400

medical for dogs displaced from service dog training can be on-going averaging around $50 a month

Honor the fallen Tree planting ceremonies currently cost around $800


Veterinarian with Dog
Doggie Handshake
Animal Shelter

The above fees vary depending on the facility and situation. The numbers represent a snapshot from past care or upcoming care options

Being a hero to those that served our communities starts here.

Giving as little as 
$5 keeps our mission moving forward, but big donations create massive momentum for our Veterans.