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we help heroes when you help us

1. donate
2. message us to get your shirt sent directly to you.
3. tell a friend wear you got your shirt.
4. wear it at our next event. 

Donate as little as $20 and get a t-shirt and support bracelet on us. (simple.just message us your shirt size and address after you donate.) 

Thank you for your considerable donation. Your contribution will help a veteran with PTSD. Enjoy the t-shirt and come back for upgrades and special prints.

Because of generous donors like you, we were able to help veterans beyond basic dog adoptions. To date, we have assisted Veterans and First Responders well beyond our original mission. Give Hard and watch your impact help save lives.  

We partner with amazing organizations to make small donations impact the lives of our heroes in big ways. Your donation helps us carry out our next dog and veteran with PTSD animal adoption. 

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You can also send your check or money to 

PA VetPets
PO Box 79
Washington, PA 15301

And do the same thing.

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Animal Shelter
Veterinarian with Dog
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We want to give back to the community and the best to do this is through you.

-Capt Thurston McClain


Send $20 Mail-In Donations to

PA VetPets 'freedom'
PO BOX 79 
Washington, PA 15301

and receive free swag and a shirt as a thank you from us.