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Legal & Financials

Security is our top priority. We partner with compliant banking and legal systems to remain ready to deliver optimal customer service.

Lawyer in Lobby


As of 2023, there are a few new documents that participants need to sign before getting started.

  •  Conflict of interest form

  • Media Use of Image form

  • Contract (outlining expectations, safety, communication, and liabilities.)

  • Free background check 

  • 123 Test (Personality Test)

Contract Signature
Laptop and Paperwork

Financial Section

Finances are compiled and checked by the end of each month and recorded by our Treasurer.

As per our records retention policy, we maintain a list of financial banking documents for a minimum of three years for receipts and five years for banking statements. This policy shall be amended as operational systems improve. 

As per guidelines, we have two separate signatures needed for any large bank transaction.

All general donations go into an account to help general operations and the completion of our mission and vision statement.

Monetary donations specifically designated for 'Team' use will be released as needed to aid that team in the completion of their mission. 

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