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Our Text to Give Toll-Free Number:

(877) 540-5150   Text "GIVE (AMOUNT)"

Hands-on Service Dogs can cost up to $10,000. Your Donation Makes Urgent Progress Today and Removes Someone From a 2-4 Year Waiting List.  

VetPets of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises money to save and change lives.

  • It takes roughly 18 months to train a service dog so we cover our teams with wellness activities.

  • 50% to 70% of dogs in training through a service dog training organization do not make it. We call these dogs Warrior Wellness Dogs that will still offer live-changing health benefits.     

Nathan Fosbaugh Memorial Fund

ride 4 the brave2.jpg
"Establishing this fund to honor Nathan has been one of the highlights of our work. We aim to add so much more but this is a great start."
- Nicole Malesic 
(Vice President / Co-founder)

As of 2023, $2500 will be set aside from our Gala each year to help a Combat Veteran in need of PTSD Recovery Services. 

This money saved a life October 2023. When we were activated to help a local veteran in a Suicide Prevention Recovery House.

Ways To Help


We Need a Donated Facility

We have outgrown and outpaced projections. That is good news. We urgently need a facility to operate our programs and services. This facility will help 100 community members heal per year. Estimated Finacial need: Only $80,000 to help us generate and maintain incoming revenue.  

Assisted-Animal Therapy 

  • reduces anxiety

  • reduces depression

  • lowers blood pressure

  • strengthens the animal-human bond

Until we get our first staffed position, we rely on the principles of AAT in our own AATA program. It has produced some amazing results. Participants that were feeling the isolation from PTSD reported feeling like they belong to a small nonjudgmental community. 

Best Friends

 Warrior Wellness Groups.

The foundation of this program is based on a new concept of healing (AATA) Animal-Assisted-Therapeutic Activities. Not everyone is the right match for this program. We seek people who like the idea of learning as they go, won't make excuses, and love the idea of not being handed a dog they have not bonded with. 

We Provide

*Group Breathing Exercises

*Group Training and Dog Education

*Group Wellness Activities*

*Community Support Activities 

*Women's Self Defense with dog. 

*Music Therapy Assistance

*Chiropractic Therapy Assistance

*Financial Management Assistance

*Goal Setting Assistance

*Group Wellness Activities


We are currently raising capital to help more community members heal through the above offerings. 

Dog Owner

Help Us Fundraise In Memory of loved one. 

We are currently fundraising for Team Leo, Team Valor, Team Mercy, Team Nessy, Team Harbor, Team Recon, and Team OSLO, Team Riot, Team Deisel, Team Kyro.  We need $14,000 to make a difference with these dogs. 

Form a large fundraising team in memory of a loved one and get each team member to donate atleast $2 toward your goal.

Team  Valor- Fully Covered by American Legion 701


Team Glory - Covered by Dog Training Elite Pittsburgh


Team Oynx - Covered By The Ubinger Family - Thank you so much.

Benefits of Having A Service Dog

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Service Dog?

  1. Aiding Mobility: Service dogs can provide physical support to those with limited mobility such as wheelchair users. Mobility assistance dogs can be trained to do tasks such as open doors, turn light switches on and off, fetch objects for their owners, pay cashiers, and press elevator buttons. 

  2. Staying Constantly Alert: Service dogs can be trained to help alert people when they are experiencing a medical crisis. For example, a person with epilepsy having a seizure or a person with dysautonomia experiencing a syncopal episode (feeling of faintness and loss of consciousness). This can allow the owner to be prepared before an episode and get to a safe environment such as a soft surface or on the floor, in order to help prevent injury. During or after the episode, the dog can also seek additional help if needed.

  3. Assisting With Everyday Tasks: Individuals with disabilities that cause fatigue, pain, trouble walking, or limited mobility can highly benefit from having a service dog. Service dogs can help people regain balance, prevent them from falling, fetch medications, and carry items such as groceries if the owner is too weak to move or hold them. 

  4. Providing Companionship: Not only do service dogs provide physical support, but they are also great for providing emotional support. Service dogs act as loyal companions which can help ease feelings of loneliness and provide a sense of security and consistent care. As they say, dogs are man's best friend! Studies have also shown that service dogs provide health benefits and can increase fitness, lower stress, and improve happiness

  5. Allowing Increased Independence: Service dogs allow people living with chronic illness and/or disability to experience a greater sense of freedom and independence. Having a service dog means you have to rely less on other humans to help with everyday tasks, which can allow you to feel restricted or dependent on others. Instead, you can transfer your needs to your service dog, who is constantly ready and available to assist you.

After I had my stroke, I felt alone. I felt isolated. VetPets Services taught me that I am not alone and that I belong to a caring family of support. 

Team Rudzik

"VetPets not only raises money for a great cause but they provide a nonjudgmental environment. We do more than just train, we recover."

Team Rubgy

"No Veteran has ever committed suicide with a dog. Zero! And that's why I will support this program. They walk the walk."

Team Glory

"VetPets is different because it combines wellness activities with dog training and emotional support. My favorite part about VetPets is the small Wellness groups."

Team Stella

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