• 1. We raise money for Veterans in need. Not just for dog adoptions, our mission is to be there when the need arises for us to go into action. We strive to stay Mission Ready. Your donations keep us on task and help us complete the small objectives that quite often make significant impacts of those we help.  

  • 2. We assist veterans in ways unrelated to animal adoptions through our network of support connections and resources. 

  • 3. WE Help cover the cost of food or medical for up to six months when you register for our care.   

  • 4. Message Us so you can be contacted when we start our virtual and in-person support groups.  






















We love finding fun ways to raise awareness and money. 

Support Group Session

We are slowly adding new services as donations arrive from passionate people like you. The next service we are adding is our Online 'Mission Ready' Information Sessions, Online Virtual Support Group, and In-Person Dog Training Camp fire sit downs


We will be the primary source for fun outdoor warrior and companion training sessions and virtual online educational seminars for warriors, their families, and their adopted dog.   

Our Motto: Keep our charitable goals simple but significant 

Our goal: To be ready in any capacity when we are called upon to help members of our community that served or continue to serve. 

Our reach: National Level partnerships allow us an availability to help any citizen within the United States. 

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Message us for updated resources and ways we help.