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Omar S. Brooks

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As a veteran with PTSD, I understand the value our service provides. So, I teamed up with some amazing people to help local vets like myself get help while helping our local animal shelters. I am so proud of our initiative and our bold mission to save as many dogs and vets as possible. Helping with animal rescues has helped me cope with PTSD in so many ways. I Co-founded this organization to help other Vets through volunteerism, animal adoptions, and positive networking.


Nicole Malesic

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My Lotus meant the world to me and when I lost her fostering other animals helped fill the void of her passing. I Co-founded this organization because it aims to help Vets fill the void that they may feel from a variety of issues. I love saving dogs. I love helping people and I love how we combined both into our mission. 


Leigh Mawhinney

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As Public Relations, I get to see how hard Nicole and Omar work to help uplift peoples lives. I love conducting the operational side of resource funding. My goal was simply to help this organization acquire the funds to create the greater possible outcome in a local veteran's life. Now...I'm all in. I have been helping veterans for years and this organization has already started to provide a wonderful social impact on those involved and our community. 

Associate Members($60 Annually) - Tammy Birmingham, Lara Bloom, Dona and Mike Malesic, Carl and Vickie Group, Mary Lea Dutton, and more...

Jim Shorkey Jr. 
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