Projects past and Future

Our work starts at 0430. We are early raisers. On average, our director spends 2 hours per day messaging community leaders and partners to grow our social impact. Yet, because not everyone we sponsor wants to have their picture posted on our website and social media, this page cannot depict the grand scope of the work we do and plan on doing in the upcoming year. 


Camp Hope Utiliy Sponsor

We try to keep things simple but significant. We raised money in a variety of ways for this great cause. We released a $2500 check within 24 hours of closing out our large fundraising event. Thank you everyone involved. We will be operating the 2cd annual Camp Hope Fundraising around the same time next year.

Mission Complete


02 Throw Away Dogs Project Sponsor 

K-9 Team AXLE Sponsor

Every once in a while, while doing the little things that make a nonprofit run you get a chance to show up in a big way. We are sponsoring an amazing K-9 team in 2022. 

k9 team sponsored.jpg

Your Donation Go Along Way. 



Why we need your support, here is an updated list of past Veteran and First Responders in training that we either fully covered or will cover for the remainder of the year. We write checks almost as fast as we raise money, so your support at online and in-person events is appreciated.  

  • 1on1 OverWatch Support

(As of 8/29/30 VetPets initiated a program called 'OverWtach' that is a free service to call loved ones in need of a check in once a week, month, or on a case by case basis. This is run by volunteers to aid Heroes in navigating through adverse times and will be Overseen by a retired Industry Professional. Anything beyond the scope of 'OverWatch' will be directed to Certified Vet Center, Department of Veterans Affairs, and or Mental Health and Health Care Professionals.

  • Rescue Dog Adoptions 

  • Service Dog Adoptions

  • Training Team Kooper

  • Training Team Rugby   

  • Training Team Valhalla

  • Training Team Glory

  • Training Team Blue

  • Training Team Tango

  • Training Team Helma

  • Training Team Stella

  • Training Team Gunny

  • Training Team Sheba

  • Training Team Auggie(new)

  • Training Team Halo (new)

  • Training Team Buddy (new)


Community PTSD and Trauma Dog Assistance

We will continue to assist veterans and first responders with their first dog adoption where and when we can. This service has become secondary to raising awareness and funds to assist with training and fundraising for greater social impact. 



Tell us about yourself and let us get to know how we can help you.