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Fully Sponsored - Team Valhalla

Through donor support and unique fundraising, we fully sponsored Team Valhalla


Team Auggie Needs Your Support

Raised: $800   Needed: $4800


Team Helma - Covered in 2022

VetPets helped Team Helma finish the hard work they had put into hands-on service dog training. Their dedication proved that achieving this milestone is possible. 


Project 'Soldiers Heart Wellness Center'

Completed our first Building that we use to help watch dogs for Veterans. We are now seeking $387.000 through angel investors and grants to secure our first wellness building and land that will house therapy and service dog wellness activities and recovery programs for Combat Veterans.

soldier's heart bldg.jpg

Team Buddy - Needs Support

Raised: $600   Needed: $1,100

Team Buddy needs support getting buddy through therapy dog classes. He is so smart and loves to train.  


Team Glory - Needs Your Support

Raised: $3000   Needed: $18,000

As a VetPets' Public Relations Dog, Glory helps raise awareness and critical funding for other dogs in our fundraising program. Our goal is to raise $18,000 this year to completely cover 1 service dog for a Combat Veteran with Medical Mutts.

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