Seeking Senior Volunteers for events in 2022
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It Takes A Village To Create Change. Let's Grow Our Village.

Group Planting a Tree

I I have a genuine belief in giving back to the community.

-JJ Ramberg

Ways You Can Help

  • Senior office administrator

  • Event Planning and coordination

  • Online fundraising manager

  • Website Maintenance and upkeep

Seeking a Veteran Volunteer with a therapy dog for nursing home visits. Email us directly to get started soon!

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Smiling Volunteers

Currently looking for a sales volunteer to run online marketing operations. 

Currently looking for a grant writer with experience writing and being awarded grants. 

Currently looking for Veterans with PTSD to participate in our $50 (5 week) online wellness workshop. 

Administrative Volunteer Form 

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Seeking an administrator to respond to calls and return emails. We are trying to increase our response times to assistance requests and need your help. Email us directly to get started soon!

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