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Regular Obedience Dog Training 

(Currently Offered by Appointment Only on Sundays, Wednesday, Thursdays )

Our Basic Dog Training courses cover the following commands. Portions of training help cover our mission or providing Life-Changing Dogs for Veterans. This is a great class for beginners or handlers that need a refresher on the basics. 

SIT - 





Focus -

How Long Are Classes? Classes are 5 weeks long. We currently train on Sundays. Private sessions can be booked any day of the week as long as there is an available training and time slot. 

How Much Does It Cost? (This is our grand opening price. Prices are subject to go up to match normal rates)

Basic Group Classes: $150 to join our small 4 person groups. There are 8 slots for 10 am. These classes are great as an initial assessment and education.

Basic Private Sessions= $140 per class (Classes are 5 weeks long)

Advanced Obedience: $250 to join an advanced obedience group. (Classes are 6 weeks) 

Advanced Obedience Private: $140 per class. (Includes 2 public training sessions)

CGC Prep Class: 5 Weeks ($80 Paid up from)

CGC Certification: FREE as part of final day of Classes

Advanced Urban Techniques: 6 Weeks ($250 to join a small training group.)

Advanced Urban Private Classes: $150 per class (Classes are 5 weeks)

Therapy Dog Training: 6 weeks $250 to join a small class. 

Therapy Dog Private Classes=$140 per class (Classes are 6 weeks. There will be atleast two classes at a mall or medical location.)

Service Dog Prep Class: 5 weeks $150 for this small group training experience.

Service Dog Prep Private Classes. Waived for Veterans and First Responders as part of our outreach. 

Public Access Test: Waived for veterans and first responders that have meet the requirements of our program. This test is currently offered by our service dog training partner. To get covered for this training program training teams need a minimum of 60 paid hours of training and socialization. The cost of this training is $1680​.00.


Dog Training Improves Mental Health

It improves your dog's mental cognition. Because dog target training requires your pet to focus on a single object for long periods of time, it improves ...

New Requirements for our Warrior Wellness Grant Waiver Program.


1. Referral


2.Letter from a doctor or physician saying an emotional support dog, therapy dog, or service dog will help improve your mental health

3. Interview / training with a pup

4. Committee Member Team Vote to enlist client into our program

5. 60 hours of the 120 hours of training covered before waiver for full grant can be approved. 

6. Paperwork and training files updated monthly to reamin compliant for grant coverage.

(We understand that not every grant request will be completed this way. These steps have been implemmented for best results.

Doggie Stay

Animal Assisted Wellness

Woman Hugging Dog

VetPets Dog Training to promote mental mental wellness. 

Learn valuable tools to form the best relationship with your dog while helping us raise money for local veterans and first responders. 20% of the money we receive from our service offerings go toward our mission of helping others. 

In this section we will cover

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We combine Training & Wellness 


  • 10am-11am

  • 11:30-12:30pm

  • 1pm-2pm

  • 2:30-3:30

These times may slightly change as we develop our training curriculum. 

We gather to train and seek better wellness for ourselves and the people we love at 3 locations. 

Once added to our schedule, you will be updated on each training session location and its details.

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